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My company is very small and/or we are just starting out. Can I still qualify for the wholesale organic cotton fabric Reseller Program? We have a wide range of customers in all sizes and stages of their journey, but we actually specialize in very small and start-up businesses who need competitively priced small quantities. We carefully review each Reseller Application on a case-by-case basis. If you are concerned about your ability to qualify- Contact Us about your specific situation and we can provide guidance.

Can I place a Reseller Program order on this website? The only items available for purchase on this website are our Organic Cotton Swatch Sets. All Reseller Program orders are handled personally (as in by a knowledgeable real live person) via phone or email.

I don't own a business but I would like to purchase the fabrics shown here. Can I do that? Sure, just not directly through Stitch Simple. If you are a retail consumer, Contact Us and let us know which fabrics you are interested in and we can connect you to folks who do handle retail orders.

What's the big deal about organic cotton? Many companies throw the word "organic" around, but they don't often tell you exactly what it means for their products. Stitch Simple offers organic cotton fabrics from companies like Harmony Art, and they're the kind of business that digs deep into their production processes to make environmentally and socially responsible decisions you can feel good about supporting. Click here to read more about Harmony Art 100% organic cotton fabric. You'll see they do a whole lot more than just slap the "o" word on their label.

How do I account for extra width when calculating how much fabric to buy? The best way is to sketch a cutting diagram showing your pattern pieces laid out across the fabric. For quick and easy calculation, each yard of 110" wide sateen equals 2.44 yards of standard (45") width fabric and each yard of 60" width fabric equals 1.33 yards of standard width.

Organic Cotton Fabrc
Image courtesy of Harmony Art. Used with permission.

Are the fabric images to scale? Not necessarily. The best way to view print scale is to get swatches. You can also Contact Us with specific questions before ordering.

If the fabric I like has a specific up/down pattern orientation, which direction will the pattern follow on the fabric? We make every effort to display the fabrics in such a way that you can see the print orientation to the selvedge edge. If you have any questions or special needs in this regard, just ask before ordering.

What's the definition of"Children's Sleepwear"? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission defines Children's Sleepwear as "any article of clothing, such as a nightgown, pajama, robe or loungewear, that is sized above 9 months and up to size 14 and that is intended to be worn primarily for sleeping or activities related to sleeping". For more information, you can Click hereto view a useful summary or you can visit

Can I use Stitch Simple images and/or tools on my own blog or website? We'd prefer you link to the page where the image or tool is found as opposed to republishing the image or tool on your site. Depending on the situation, we may allow you to republish a particular item, but you'll need to Contact Us for permission in advance. No one is free to republish any item on this website without our advance express written permission.

Morequestions? Contact Us. If we don't have the answer, we'll do our best to find it for you.